The fashion industry is changing rapidly, with sustainability and responsible business driving a huge revolution across the globe.

Fashion brands and retailers now understand that addressing sustainability and transparency in their business can reduce costs, engage and inspire customers and staff, and strengthen brand values.

In Australia, this changing business and professional landscape demands new knowledge and skills for fashion industry veterans and recent raduates. In this 1 Day Intensive course you will discover key ideas that underpin sustainable and circular fashion.

You will also learn tools and strategies for developing sustainable products and business practices throughout the textile and garment supply chain.

You will gain cutting edge insights from a global perspective and find clarity on your own brand’s sustainability mission and purpose. The programme will include participants from different brands and retailers, so you will have the unique opportunity to learn from your industry peers and be part of a growing network of passionate professionals.


“This course was exactly what I was looking for. The overall experience was engaging and thought provoking and I feel well equipped to continue my journey in the sustainable fashion space – with the bonus of a new, lovely community”

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us, it was an inspiring course.”


This programme will teach you how to

  • Apply up-to-date information on fibre groups and new sustainable materials
  • Understand social impacts in supply chains and role of Code of Conduct and auditing
  • Recognise impacts in wash/dry/care and end-of-life and learn how to engage your customer in closing the loop
  • Implement a range of sustainable design strategies that reduce impacts across the lifecycle
  • Define your own values framework and learn techniques for engaging your stakeholders


The programme has been specifically developed for fashion industry professionals in both large and small organisations, across fashion apparel, luxury, sportswear, and outdoor.

It is an intensive course, designed for up to 10 people.

For larger companies, roles or functions that will benefit include buyers, designers, production and quality managers, communications, logistics, retail/merchandising, upper management and sustainability staff.

The course is equally beneficial for staff from smaller, SME-size companies who are across several functions and roles.

The Course Outline

The 1 Day Intensive course consists of 5 modules that are a combination of lectures, creative workshops and group discussion.

  • MODULE 1

    Introduction & Finding Your Purpose

    The first module is an introduction to the principles of sustainable and circular fashion.

  • MODULE 2

    Fabric Sourcing & Social Impacts in Supply Chains

    This second module will cover the key issues in fabric sourcing and explore social impact issues in the supply chain.

  • MODULE 3

    Use & End-of-Life

    This third module will explore impacts and opportunities in the use phase and at end-of-life for garments.

  • MODULE 4

    Better by Design

    This fourth module will consider sustainable design strategies for designing better fashion products and systems and use an interactive workshop to re-design a real garment.

  • MODULE 5

    Engaging Stakeholders & Sharing your Purpose

    This final module will explore how to be an effective change agent and leader in your organisation and with your external stakeholders.



The programme is one full day and the fee includes lunch catering, course materials and a one hour coaching session.


Group/In-house Programmes

Additionally, we can tailor the training programme specifically to your organisation or industry needs.

Please get in touch to discuss your tailored courses and pricing.