Did you know that from a human evolution perspective, our brains have gotten larger over time but the connection between our left and right brain is getting smaller and there is an imbalance towards the left?!

You may be asking what does this have to do with fashion and sustainability and running fashion businesses in a post-pandemic world.

Well, a lot actually, just hear me out!

The left brain only sees things in isolated parts and governs language, logic and reason. The industrial revolution was a left-brain invention and was the blueprint for our current, broken fashion industry of excessive waste, speed and lack of respect for humans. And this post-pandemic transition is showing us just how broken this old system was.

Whereas the right brain brings us qualities like empathy for others and things (nature, animals etc) and  connectedness. In the fashion industry, this would translate as a rich, ecosystem of both small and large brands, sustainable materials that are low-tox and cost effective, workers who are respected and paid a living wage, and circular systems that create little waste.

But, we have to work extra hard to assert these right-brain qualities because the left brain is more dominant and the system has been built on an imbalanced, left-brain foundation.

So, what can we do to bring more right brain qualities to the fashion industry in this post-pandemic transition?

Below are a few strategies I use with brands:

  • Get clear on your own personal and brand values to create an authentic sustainability strategy
  • Talk and share with your customers openly and transparently
  • Ask your suppliers and workers in your supply chain what are their values and goals
  • Ask your team and staff what aspect of sustainability (animal rights, social justice etc) are the most meaningful for them

And there are things you can do personally:

  • Use mindfulness practices like meditation to tap into your intuitive, right brain
  • Creative practices like drawing, textile craft and signing also use the right brain


I hope these ideas are useful for you and here’s to creating a more balanced, right brain world!