Consultancy Services

Brands & Retailers

Our holistic approach to building a sustainability strategy starts at the core offer of your business – garment design and fabrications. From here, we build a strategy that is tailored to your unique supply chain and operating environment.

We work in a two-stage process:


This introductory stage uses a unique workshop methodology that reviews your current position and inspires your teams to identify opportunities for new design, sourcing, strategy or communication concepts.


This next stage is the implementation of findings from the workshop. Based on an agreed set of work packages, we offer strategic guidance at embedding sustainable and ethical principles into your business operations.

Clara also has a global network of industry and research experts who are at the cutting-edge of innovations in the sector, who can be engaged on particular projects.


“Tigerlily was very inspired having Clara work alongside us on a sustainability strategy. Having a key industry leader in sustainability, and one with strong awareness of the impacts, goals and values of the brand, gave us the guidance we needed to move forward.”
– Justine O’Byrne , Tigerlily Swimwear

“Clara has such a deep and profound awareness of the issues in the global fashion industry and the impact that businesses have. She engaged our team with her workshop, sharing her knowledge and speaking with integrity.”
– Sarah Ackroyd, Spell & The Gypsy Collective


Design Development and Fabric Sourcing

  • Auditing of existing fabrications to understand impacts/issues
  • Advise on fibre groups and sustainability profiles
  • Latest information on material innovations globally
  • Research/consultation on mills and garment manufacturers

Ethical Supply Chain Management

  • Auditing of existing suppliers to understand impacts/issues
  • Development of ethical sourcing strategy, including Code of Conducts and partnerships with global ethical trade initiatives
  • Strategic advice on third party auditing


  • Writing internal strategy documents and frameworks
  • Advice and writing of copy to support press/media teams on sustainability reporting
  • Strategic advice and writing of copy for websites and other marketing content

Staff Training

  • Design and delivery of masterclass training for staff on topics including:
    • Sustainable design and circular economy
    • Sustainable materials
    • New business models/partnerships
    • Skills for leadership/change makers