Future Jobs for Sustainable Fashion

Learn how to consultant to fashion brands on sustainable product innovation and strategy.

The fashion industry is changing rapidly with sustainability and responsible business driving a huge revolution across the globe. Fashion brands and retailers need expert guidance on how to create and implement sustainable products and strategy.

There is a key role for external consultants to help teams unlock innovation thinking and build their unique sustainability framework – we call them Future Fashion Consultants.

Join this 5 part Masterclass led by Dr Clara Vuletich and future-proof your career in fashion.

Launching November 9th.

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn the key principles of sustainability and circularity and how they can be applied to your client’s business operations
  • Discover unique workshop methods to help brands unlock innovation thinking and transition their products to sustainability
  • Learn the latest information on sustainable materials, ethical sourcing and circularity
  • Understand sustainable and circular design strategies
  • Learn the key tips you’ll need as an external consultant including creating your service offer and fee schedule

“This course was exactly what I was looking for. The overall experience was engaging and thought-provoking and I feel well-equipped to continue my journey in the sustainable fashion space, with the bonus of a new, lovely community”

Nessie Croft

The course includes 5 modules over 5 weeks
with a combination of self-guided content and interactive group sessions led by Clara.

1. A New Role for a New Fashion Future

The fashion industry is going through unprecedented change and there are huge opportunities for external consultants to help brands unlock innovation thinking around product and build their unique sustainability framework.

This first Module sets the global context in a post-pandemic world, explores the future jobs market and introduces the Future Fashion Consultant role and Clara’s client success stories.

2. Understand Strategy & Product

A sustainability strategy is like a blueprint for how a fashion brand will work towards a range of environmental and societal goals and we believe it all starts with the product.

In this module we explore what a sustainability strategy is, the different approaches for developing one and the key aspects of any strategy including sourcing, people and circularity.

3. Learn to See the Big Picture

Once you start seeing fashion products as part of a bigger system, then you can begin to make improvements.

In this module, you will learn about systems and lifecycle thinking and how the lifecycle framework encourages designers and product developers to be more intentional in the design, development and sourcing stages.

4. Better By Design

Decisions made by designers account for over 80% of the environmental impacts of fashion products.

In this module you will learn design strategies for creating better fashion products and be introduced to the unique innovation workshop method that Clara has used with design and product teams globally.

5. Build Your Toolbox: Future Fashion Innovation Workshop

The Future Fashion Consultant works with small and large fashion brands educating teams and facilitating a change in business practices.

In this module we will go through all elements of the innovation workshop method and the key tools you’ll need as an external consultant including your service offer and fee schedule.

“The whole course content was incredible. I did not know where I sat as a designer in the current climate and how to engage with that, and now I feel far more confident and inspired.”

Karina Kallio

Who is it for?

  • Designers or product developers looking to transition into sustainability roles
  • Fashion industry professionals from any area or expertise who want to upskill in sustainability and are proficient in design/product/materials knowledge
  • Designers or small brand owners who are looking to expand their skill set and work flexibly as a freelance consultant

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30 min. 1:1 coaching call with Clara

Get the chance to discuss your career experience to date and how to maximise this training to gain your first consultancy client.


Report on the top 6 most sustainable fibres

A useful guide to sustainable fibres to share with your clients and get you started on your consultancy career.


Future Fashion Consultant tech stack Checklist

A guide to all the tools, technology and resources you’ll need to run your first client workshop.