What does it take to train and work in the fashion industry with an expertise in sustainability and transparency?

While the global fashion industry continues to adapt and change through these uncertain times, one thing is certain – sustainability and transparency is fast becoming the key driver for brands,  consumers and fashion industry professionals.

There has been some great articles in the press recently about future sustainability jobs in the industry – see here and here.

Sustainability Managers come top of the list, followed closely by Circular Design Assistants and Material Developers. Even the UN is now recommending that fashion brands train design and product development teams in sustainability strategies.

I started out as a textile designer and now work as an external consultant to small and large brands, helping them on staff training, sustainable product design and overall brand strategy – I call it a Future Fashion Consultant.

I am passionate about my job and the purpose I feel supporting the industry I love so much.

But, I had to invent the job and learn the skills as I went. There was nowhere I could go to train or learn the key information and skills to do this.

I’ve combined all my tools and experience into an online training programme for Future Fashion Consultants. If you want a job in the fashion industry that brings you purpose, supports your values and gives you autonomy –  we can help.

Watch this space!