The last few weeks have been so challenging for everyone.  Whether you are running your own independent brand, or you are a team member within a larger brand or retailer, there is no doubt that we are all experiencing some level of uncertainty or stress.

I truly believe that the huge transition we are going through globally is asking us to ‘shed old skin’ and start envisioning a new way forward for true sustainability of the fashion system  –  for us as professionals in this industry (that fundamentally supports our personal sustainability and well-being) and a new way of running fashion companies and designing product that supports ecological limits and human values.

As part of my PhD research a few years ago, I explored and developed a range of ‘transition’ tools for personal sustainability  in times of uncertainty and change – like many people I foresaw these times and even called my thesis ‘Transitionary Textiles’!

So, I wanted to share with you some of those well-being tools and the things I am currently using to keep me grounded and able to hold space for my family:

  • Meditation – it doesn’t matter what style you choose (TM, Vedic etc) just try and do some form of mindful practice everyday. I don’t use a specific technique but just sit quietly and tune within for 20 minutes. I cannot emphasise how important this has been to calming down my anxiety levels and creating a peace internally. (Gabby Bernstein has released some free anxiety releasing meditations here)
  • Positive affirmations – the link between thought and action is undeniable. We are powerful beings who can engineer our reality through our energy state and mental framework. If there is a particular issue or concern that floats up during my meditation, I’ll create a simple statement that reinforces an intention. For example, “I allow myself to feel good right now”. I’ll say it over and over until I feel my energy state shift into positivity.
  • Journalling – writing down your thoughts and feelings in a stream of consciousness way is very cathartic and healing. I will often just do some free writing after a meditation.

I’ve also been using the courses and tools from To be Magnetic over the last year for general well-being and they have even just launched a free workshop for Self Quarantine Tools.

I hope these tools and links will be useful for you.

And aside from whether you want to practice these inner tools or not, once this lockdown period is over, there is no doubt we will not be going back to the ‘old’ fashion industry. Atleast in these moments of quiet and rest, we can start thinking about how we want to turn up in the new world – both personally and professionally.

Image: Emma Byrnes/Heartland Projects